FORZA Power Wall 4-USB port

FORZA Power Wall 4-USB port

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This wall tap is designed to plug in multiple devices in one location, providing overcurrent and short-circuit protection for all four USB ports. With a total of 4.8-amps distributed among the available ports, it is perfect for keeping tablets, smart phones and other rechargeable electronics ready to use. A built-in nightlight with photosensor and touch dimmer automatically turns on after dark to provide dusk-to-dawn illumination. This low-profile power multiplier is easy to install and fits into tight spaces. ideal for home and office applications.


  • Wall-mount USB charger
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Four-powered USB ports
  • Max shared current of 4.8A
  • Automatic nightlight with touch sensor and dimmer
  • Portable travel design