Forza FVR-1202USB Automatic Voltage Regulator 220V

Forza FVR-1202USB Automatic Voltage Regulator 220V

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Forza’s Automatic Voltage Regulator (also known as line conditioner) is the reliable solution that provides the right protection for your equipment against overvoltages, undervoltages and severe brownouts. In addition to its excellent stabilization capability, the FVR automatically corrects transient voltage fluctuations and filters out electrical noise to provide “clean”, regulated AC power. Forza’s FVR-1202USB is the perfect choice to enhance performance and safeguard your valuable components


  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Instantaneously switches to correct output voltage by closely tracking the input voltage
  • Two USB charging ports for smart phones and tablets
  • Status LED display provides user explicit function state
  • Phone and data line protection
  • Included delay timer
  • Advanced thermofuse protection disconnects power when temperature is dangerously high
  • Overload protection circuit breaker
  • Fire-retardant plastic construction
  • Can be wall mounted