Forza FVR-1011USB 1000VA

Forza FVR-1011USB 1000VA

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The Forza Automatic Voltage Regulator (or line conditioner) is the reliable solution that offers adequate protection for your sensitive equipment and electronics against the harmful effects of irregularities in the electrical supply. In addition to being an excellent voltage stabilizer, the FVR automatically corrects for sudden voltage fluctuations and filters out electrical noise present on the line, in order to maintain a smooth and “clean” supply of power. The Forza FVR-1011 Automatic Voltage Regulator is the perfect solution to improve the performance of your components while protecting your valuable investment.


  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
  • Instantly detects and corrects output voltage by constantly monitoring input voltage.
  • Compact unit that offers electrical protection for all your sensitive electronics and peripherals
  • Two USB ports, ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices (for FVR-1011USB only)
  • Handy LEDs display the functional status of the unit
  • Built-in thermal fuse protection-- shuts off power when input voltage rises to potentially damaging levels
  • Can be installed on the wall, vertically or horizontally