Ozone Alliance Gaming Keyboard

Ozone Alliance Gaming Keyboard

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Ozone Alliance is the perfect result of integrating the best of both mechanical and membrane keyboards. Robust, made with high quality materials (from its braided cable, to each of its switches), Alliance offers maximum comfort, becoming the best partner in every game.

Ozone Alliance is a keyboard which adapts itself perfectly to any environment, from the tranquility of your home to the frenzy of events and other competitive environments.

With its sound reactive technology it will transmit the intensity of ambiental sound in the form of light beams, accompanying you in the most frenzied battles as well as in quieter surroundings too.

An innovative and sound reactive 9 multicolor effects lighting system is featured among the characteristics of this gaming keyboard.

Its 25-key antighosting will allow you to keep the control and effectiveness in every game.

Alliance is much more than a fusion of technologies, it is the technology of the future.

Alliance's feel is very close to a mechanical keyboard user experience sensation, thanks to its CrossTech semi-mechanical switches, designed to ensure an optimum response speed and accuracy, as well as a durability very similar to that of mechanical keyboards.

Enjoy a multicolored lighting with 9 effects that will adapt to the ambient sound.

This keyboard also includes next generation features such as 25-key antighosting, macros and multimedia control in an anti-splash design and with a very intuitive analog configuration.

  • Keyboard: Hybrid with CrossTech Switches
  • Size: 444 x 134 x 26mm
  • Cable length: 1.8M braided
  • Gaming mode: Yes
  • Compatible: Windows, Android, Linux and Mac
  • Weight: 1150g
  • Keys: 25 anti-ghosting keys
  • Connector: USB Full Speed 2.0
  • Backlight: Multi-color
  • Macro keys: 6
  • Case Material: Anti-Splash Design