DBPOWER Car Bluetooth Receiver

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HIGH PERFORMANCE BLUETOOTH V4.0 A2DP TECHNOLOGY ---- Turn your regular stereo audio devices into a Bluetooth-enabled, wireless receiver streaming machine thru 3.5mm audio-out jack.
IT CAN BE CLIPPED ON THE COLLAR ---- Through access to stereo bluetooth headphones and listen to beautiful music, and did not miss any calls.
MINI PORTABLE AND DURABLE ---- Take it with you and enjoy Bluetooth music receiver anytime/anywhere for up to 11 hours! Can work while charging. Micro charging port.
WORK WITH ANY TYPE AND BRAND OF DEVICE ---- Such as With 3.5mm Stereo Output for IPhone, IPod, IPad, ITouch, Pair Up your bluetooth speaker, bluetooth headsets, bluetooth headphones and bluetooth MP3 Player.
SIMPLE OPERATION ---- Normal speaker become hands-free Bluetooth speaker magically, portable bluetooth car receiver.